About us



STATOSH Ltd. is a company with significant positions in the field of installation and repair of high risk equipment.

It has a serious material base and potential, based on the qualified team of specialists and installers and the high quality of the completed projects.

STATOSH EOOD was established in 2007. as a legal successor of ET "STATOSH - SASHO ALEKSANDROV" - Sofia, registered in 1993. The seat of the company is: Sofia 1618, Pavlovo, 42 Vihren Str., Apt. The manager is eng. Sasho Todorov Alexandrov. The subject of activity is oriented in several directions:


  • Installation, reconstruction and repairs of bridge, gantry and tower cranes, etc. (Certificate №С 384 / 31.07.2008, entered in the Register of SAMTS - General Directorate)


The company performs design of cranes and crane tracks, development of structural documentation of existing ones, analysis of the technical condition of existing cranes, leveling photos of crane tracks and increasing the load capacity of existing cranes and crane tracks.

The company performs installation of cranes of all types, crane tracks, loading platforms, construction hoists. The company performs repair and modernization of existing cranes consisting of replacement of mechanisms and units, replacement of electrical equipment, installation of frequency regulators of individual mechanisms to ensure low and stable operating speeds and smoothness of starting and braking processes, change of control. , by installing a hanging control panel or radio control, etc.

There is a growing tendency for existing cranes operated by a cab (or by a suspended control panel) to be upgraded with a duplicate floor control system such as a suspended control panel or radio control.

The company performs subscription service, emergency and scheduled repairs of cranes, crane tracks, loading platforms and more. on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria.


  • Installation, reconstruction and repairs of passenger and freight cableways (Certificate №С 384 / 31.07.2008, entered in the Register of SAMTS - General Directorate)


A kind of peak in the activity for 2008 of STATOSH EOOD is the complete installation of the six-seater cableway Stoykite - Snezhanka of Pamporovo AD, which is the largest seat line in Bulgaria and the region.

In 2009 STATOSH EOOD worked as a subcontractor on the sites of the Italian company Leitner for the installation of passenger cableways and ski lifts in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania and Armenia.

In 2013 the company carried out a complete reconstruction of the lift in the town of Sopot.

In 2015, a complete installation of a four-seater passenger cableway "Two Bridges" was carried out again in Pamporovo.


  • Tangling and adjustments (repairs) of steel ropes, including pulling auxiliary ropes, developing a drum with a rope, making an installation for tangling.


The permanent sites of the company are the steel ropes of the passenger cable lines and ski lifts in the resorts of Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Vitosha and many others throughout the country, with more than 150 entanglements made.


  • Magnetic flaw detection of steel ropes


The company regularly performs non-destructive testing of steel ropes mounted on:

- passenger cable cars and ski lifts in the resorts of Bansko, Borovets, Pamporovo, Vitosha and many others throughout the country.

- freight cable lines of Solvay Sodi AD - Devnya, Kaolin AD - Kaolinovo

- in the shafts of the Black Sea mine - Burgas, Bobov Dol mines, Balkan 2000 mine - Tvarditsa, Euromangan mine - Obrochishte and many others in order to extend their service life.


  • Consulting services and expertise in the field of operation of cableways, cranes, shaft hoisting machines, etc.


Very serious clients are Solvay Sodi AD - Devnya; Pleven-cement AD

- Pleven; Dundee Precious Metals Chelopech EAD - Chelopech, TPP Maritsa East 2, Arubis AD - Pirdop, Hyundai AD - Sofia and others.

 STATOSH Ltd. has a rich resource base. It includes engineering and technical staff, machinery, fleet and tools. The qualified staff of the company has extensive experience and work experience.

The mechanization is mainly related to the assembly activity, including rich tools, special devices and auxiliary equipment.

A priority for the development of the company is its future. It is related to expanding the market share in the industry, its professionalization and improvement, increasing the number of staff and constantly improving the quality of performance.

The company's goals are focused entirely on the needs of current and future customers to achieve maximum satisfaction with their requirements.